Let's Stick Together: An Engagement Scrapbook Layout

"Let's stick together, yeah, yeah, yeah! / Why don't you and I combine?"  Doesn't that song just make you want to get up and dance?  Makes me think of the movie The Parent Trap also.  Anyway, that movie is getting a bit off topic.  Last night I finished up another engagement photo layout for my sister and now husband!


Better than Your Dreams: A Vintage Travel Themed Scrapbook Page

I'm absolutely determined to get my sister's wedding album done before she moves to Germany in February with her husband who is in the Army.  Which means that I'm attempting to get all of her engagement photos scrapped while I'm waiting for my cousin to send us the wedding photos.  So I'm happy to say that I can now share another engagement photo layout!


DIY Distress Ink Storage Labels

UPDATE:  To download free labels for Tim Holtz's 12 newest colors, visit my blog post on the 2015 Addendum!  

I recently bought a pretty box to store some of my craft supplies in and one of them was perfect for storing all of my inks.  I use my Tim Holtz Distress Inks on practically every layout and card I make so I'm constantly rifling through them and I was getting frustrated with not being able to pick out the ink I wanted without having to pull practically every ink out of the box.


Enjoying the Journey: Travel Themed Scrapbook Layouts

 I always have fun experimenting with the different styles of scrapbooking.  I know many leaders in the scrapbooking industry have a "style" and do the same type of layouts over and over again--nothing wrong with that!  I'm still finding my own style so at the moment I'm having fun, plus, I like a little variety in my life!