Thank You a Latte: A Handmade Thank You Card

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I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog.  I feel like everything always happens all at once.  I accepted a freelance video editing job, I was building a website for my flute choir (yes, flute choir is still a thing), our bathroom is in the midst of a remodel and there were delays because things ended up having to be special ordered, my grandmother's roof has a leak but now it really turns out the exhaust hose to the furnace came unattached and is spewing carbon monoxide into her attic (this was taken care of ASAP!), Honda has had it's third recall on the driver's side airbag of my grandmother's car (for crying out loud, Honda, is too much to ask that you get it right the first time around?!), my windshield needed replacing, my mom's transmission still needs work, now my grandmother's windshield needs replacing, I've had to get a flat tire patched on my car and then ended up replacing it after it ended up with a nail in the sidewall, my dad is constantly bothering me about coming over to get his mail at my house even though he knows I'm hardly ever home ("Why hasn't he gotten all of it transferred over to his house yet?," you ask.  I can't answer that one for you because I. literally. don't. know. the. answer. to that one.), rehearsals for band and flute choir started in earnest, birthdays and birthdays galore (sister, mom, me, friends, cousin, sister, more friends…), gardening at 2 houses, landscaping (I've been on my own for this one), I've been making  accessories for my Halloween costume because my flute choir is getting dressed up in costume for our Halloween concert, now I have to make stand decorations and flute/piccolo costumes!  

Thank You A Latte:  A Handmade Thank You Card by Alice Scraps Wonderland | Fall colors and a few glitter accents make this coffee cup card perfect for autumn.

Oh my gosh it's never ending!!!!

hair, makeup, Halloween, costume, raven, fascinator, gothic, victorian, Edgar Allen Poe
A hair and makeup trial for my Halloween Concert costume.  I made my own fancy
raven fascinator.  I went as Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven."  

I know just about everyone loves the beginning of fall--the leaves turn pretty colors, the cool crisp air (yeah, we've been lacking on both of those until just recently…thanks, climate change…), everything turns into pumpkin spice (thanks, Starbucks, for ruining the PSL** now  I have to make my own), wearing scarves, pulling out your favorite coat, etc., etc.  

But for me, it is the beginning of the "I'm so busy my head is literally going to pop off my body and I hope it grows a body of it's own and my body grows another head so I can do twice the work because it's a countdown until the end of the year sheesh why is everyone I know born in the fall holy sh!t I have a ton of concerts to practice for I love Thanksgiving but my grandmother's oven sucks here comes the snow now I need to fill in for the Thursday/Friday caretaker there goes my two mornings off Christmas baking is awesome but my grandmother's oven still sucks I hate holiday shopping because everyone literally turns into spirit sucking cranky vampires who give the Salvatore brothers a bad name there is nothing to do in this town for New Years let's stay up and make way too much food for ourselves is it January yet?"  #IthinkIneedtenofmetosurvive #notimetosleep #whathappenedtotheholidays  

Can you hear the sound of me banging my head against the wall yet? 

With all of those birthdays lately I have made several birthday cards.  However, today I'll be sharing a thank you card (in keeping with my "Thanks a lot…" theme).  I wanted to use autumn colors for this card and thought a nice warm coffee die cut would add to the cozy feeling.  

card, card making, handmade, scrapbooking, coffee, Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice Latte, glitter, autumn, fall, arrow, distress ink

I sketched and cut out all the shapes, added my glitter using Ranger's Glossy Accents, and inked up all the pieces with Tim Holtz Distress Inks to add dimension.  I also decided to put the recipient's name on the coffee sleeve for some personalization, along with the PSL abbreviation, just like at Starbucks, since it is so recognizable and is indicative of the season.  (But that is the only bone I'm throwing you, Starbucks!)

card, card making, handmade, scrapbooking, coffee, Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice Latte, glitter, autumn, fall, arrow, distress ink

To make the arrow, I cut out the point and feather twice each, glittered them, then glued a toothpick in-between the layers.  I added some baker's twine to the toothpick for a bit of whimsy and used pop dots to adhere it to the card.  

card, card making, handmade, scrapbooking, coffee, Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice Latte, glitter, autumn, fall, arrow, distress ink

Products Used:

  • Recollections:  Cardstock - white, kraft; Patterned Paper - paisley & damask stack; Glitter - extra fine in champagne
  • Bazzill: Cardstock - creampuff, mango
  • American Crafts:  Cardstock - sunflower
  • Silhouette America:  Sketch Pens - black; Silhouette Cameo
  • Maya Road:  Die Cut - coffee cup (altered)
  • Tim Holtz:  Distress Ink - spiced marmalade, mowed lawn, ground espresso, hickory smoke
  • DoodleBug:  Sprinkles - bon bon assortment

And as a reminder to both you and I, take a moment to breath and enjoy the little moments with loved ones year-round!

Happy Crafting!

**Thank you a latte, Starbucks, for ruining the PSL by adding pumpkin puree to it.  It is a Pumpkin Spice Latte, NOT a Pumpkin Pie Latte.  The spice you buy in the in the baking and spice isle DOES NOT contain pumpkin in it.  I do not want to spend more of my day in the bathroom due to the additional source of fiber in your coffee concoction as I get enough fiber already!  And I can't believe you let Food Babe bully you into making that change.  Yup, the woman whom my chemist uncle and aunt presumably laugh at, and has been debunked by the notable Science Babe.  Yes, Starbucks, I know you've said it wasn't Food Babe and her minions cohorts who led you to make the change, but for some reason, I just don't believe you.  And funnily enough, Food Babe still isn't drinking your PSL because you still use caramel color because it's a class 2b carcinogen.  Though I'm glad you haven't gone totally cuckoo on that one, Starbucks, because as Science Babe points out, coffee is also a class 2b carcinogen.  Guess Food Babe shouldn't drink ANY coffee!  I'm sure I'll be on Food Babe's "I'm Immature and Can't Handle it When People Disagree with Me and/or Prove Me Wrong" blacklist now, but I will wear that as a badge of honor!

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